#Lync Question 33: Do PSTN Users know if Lync calls and meetings are being recorded

Another question from a customer on whether a PSTN user is notified or not if a meeting is being recorded.

This was something I had to take away and test.

  • If an existing PSTN user has already joined a Lync meeting, then when a Lync user clicks on ‘Start Recording’ then the PSTN user hears a “This meeting is being recorded” announcement
  • If a PSTN user joins a meeting which is already being recorded, then the conferencing attendant notifies you that the meeting is being recorded upon joining the meeting.

Since Lync meeting recording are local to the Lync client then the PSTN user can not record a meeting or even begin recording via DTMF.

Peer-to-peer recording ONLY works between Lync clients. You cannot record a call between a Lync user and a PSTN user!  If you do need to record PSTN calls or record call for compliance then you need a 3rd party solution.  This is a topic in itself.

Users running Lync are able to see if meetings and calls are being recorded.

The ability to record meetings and peer to peer calls is configurable via the conferencing policy.

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