#Lync Question 29: Is SQL AlwaysOn supported with Lync Server 2013

The question of SQL AlwaysOn support is coming up again and again from SQL administrators on Lync deployments and workshops at the moment.

Sadly at the moment (March 2014) SQL AlwaysOn is not supported for providing high availability for Lync Databases.  Only using SQL Mirroring and server clustering is supported.

But there is some good new….

At Lync Conference 2014, it was announced during ‘What’s new in Lync Server/Service’ (SERV203) session by Ali Rohani and Brandon Bernier that support for AlwaysOn Availability Group for Lync Server 2013 back-end server high availability is coming in Q3 CY2014

Here is slide 17 from the session


SQL Administrators rejoice!

Credit to Scott Stubberfield in the Enterprise Communications COE team at Microsoft for pointing out this to be as I haven’t yet watch the recording for this session.


Database Software Support

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