#Lync Question 23: What is Enhanced Presence Privacy

Another one of these topic that come up again and again.

With enhanced presence privacy, a user’s presence is visible to contacts in his or her Contacts list but not to other people within the organization.

However this is a topic that comes with the thought of employees bothering Exec’s/CEO/Chairman and often comes up after deployment of a new IM platform, however ultimately any employee can pick up the phone and ring an Exec/CEO/Chairman althought they might just end up speaking to their personal assistant.   I am hearing less and less of this argument now, the world is moving on now.

The enhanced presence privacy feature is more for European countries which have laws which require privacy rather than individuals wishing it.  Enabling enhanced presence privacy mode is not without its own issues do to enabling it on a pool level and being closed by default which is the privacy requirement and user education (settings in Options/Status in Lync client) to make it public which is unlike to actioned therefore organisations would have little to no presence as thus removes one of the core benefits of Lync and Microsoft UC.

Due to the result of being enabled on a pool level, typically with large deployment, you would have to dedicated a Front-End Pool (or SE) for users in a country with privacy requirements so it don’t effect the overall presence availability for the other users outside of the specific locations with the privacy laws.

The public/private setting from the client is one of a few that stored in the Lync User Database on the back-end server as it need to be maintained across all clients and device for a user rather than in the local registry of the client.

Earlier is year (2013), a 3rd party tool called ‘Lync User Management Tool (LUMT)’ this allows a Lync Administrator to change the setting for a user/s which is good for situations whereby enhanced privacy mode can be enabled (thus everyone is private) and using the LUMT as part of provisioning everyone can be set to public by default.  This is great for smaller deployments and overcomes the issue with enhance presence privacy being pool level.


Lync User Management Tool (LUMT)

Configuring Enhanced Presence Privacy Mode


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