#Lync Question 21: How can I bulk enter translation rules onto a @Sonusnet SBC 1000/2000 for @MSFTLync

I am working on a reason sized Lync engagement at the moment which has an ever growing number of Sonus SBC 2000 gateways for telephony connectivity.

One of the challenges I have is that the organisations internal numbering scheme is quite large and I am still qualify the information.

For the most part configuring a Sonus SBC 2000 is pretty straight forward and depending on requirements take anywhere from a couple hours to a few days.  However upon configuring the first gateway after everything was setup in a few hours I started to enter the RegEx for all the transformation table entries and after further 4 days I was complete.

Due the size of the numbering scheme and the requirement for short number translation the Sonus SBC WebUI isn’t the best interface to use.  Sadly there is no command line interface (CLI) to use.

With version 3.0 and later of the Sonus SBC 1K/2K software a Representational State Transfer (REST) API was added however this is a API indeed for software development and isn’t an administration CLI.

So the challenge how can I bulk enter transformation table entries into my subsequent Sonus gateway to save deployment time, error in using the WebUI and my own sanity!

“SONUS SBC 1K/2K – Transformation Table Entry Builder”

Essentially this excel spreadsheet will create the REST commands requirement for bulk importing transformation table entries onto the Sonus.

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