#Lync Question 17: Can you setup Oauth between On-Premise Lync Server 2013 and Office 365

Having somewhat gone round the houses with this with a hybrid deployment recently as both:

  • High-resolution Contact Photo in Lync 2013 client and Lync Web App.
  • Archiving Content (IM and Meeting) in Exchange.

Are supported with Lync Server 2013 On-Premise with Exchange Online per:

Supported Lync Server 2013 Hybrid Configurations

Both of which required Unified Contact Store (UCS) which has a prerequisite for Oauth.


Exchange Server and SharePoint Integration Support

“Server-to-server authentication between an on-premises server and an Office 365 component is not supported in this Lync Server 2013 release. Among other things, this means that you cannot set up server-to-server authentication between an on-premises installation of Lync Server 2013 and Microsoft Exchange 365.”

Note: “this Lync Server 2013 release” having opened a support case Oauth is not currently possible.

So it maybe following the O365 upgrade/transition from 2010 to 2013 is completed and/or another update to Lync Server and/or Office 365.

2 thoughts on “#Lync Question 17: Can you setup Oauth between On-Premise Lync Server 2013 and Office 365

  1. You ran into this problem with a v14 or v15 Office 365 tenant? I can see how these features wouldn’t work with a v14 tenant, but I’m surprised that they’re not working with v15. I haven’t tried it yet personally, but Microsoft has been touting the new integration features for a while…

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