#Lync Question 12: What is new in Lync 2013 Client CU1

Apart from the usual stability and performance improvements, there are the following:

  • Under Lync Options and then Alerts there are the following new options
    • Enables users to hide offline contacts in the contact list.
    • Enables users to receive buddy invites from untrusted networks.
  • Improves the support for high dots per inch (DPI) displays, for Microsoft Narrator, and for other accessibility features.
  • Fixes bugs that are related to Location sharing and settings.
  • Fixes bugs that are related to Tabbed Conversations.
  • Enables participants to join online meetings by dialing out to their telephone number if online meetings are scheduled by a non-audio-enabled Lync 2013 user.
  • Improves the handling of devices that have both a front-facing and rear-facing camera.
  • Improves the user experience when you join a Lync meeting in a Lync Room System-enabled room.

The following updates are included in this release:

  • 2760512
  • 2767852

However there is no real details what this are/were….maybe nothing/maybe something is coming with CU1 for server?  maybe just the above.

There are two sets of updates Lyncloc and Msores

To enable these Lync 2013 updates, make sure that both the Lyncloc package and the Msores package are installed.


Description of the Lync 2013 updates: February 2013

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