Managing who can use Lync Mobile Clients

As we all wait for the mobility server installer to become available, something worth thinking about is how you manage the deployment of Lync Mobile Client out to users and what is the effect in terms of potentially large numbers of users having another endpoint connected.

Before you deploy the mobility installer you should be doing now

  1. Applying CU4 across your Lync Topology
  2. If using Enterprise Edition Front-End Pool, change the TCP/4443 and TCP/8080 HNLB virtual IP’s for you Front-End from SNAT persistence to Cookie based persistence load balancing (per next-hop article)

When applying do remember to update the database on the Front-End’s using

Install-CsDatabase -Update -ConfiguredDatabases -SqlServerFqdn < EEBE.Fqdn > -DatabasePaths <RtcDyn log path>, <RtcDyn data path>)

The database is upgraded again the DbVersionUpgrade should shown as 3 in the dbo.DbConfigInt table of the RTC database.  With CU3 the DbVersionUpgrade was 1


There will no doubt be other requirements too and I’m not going to second guess what they will be here.  But will be some new URL’s needing publishing on the reverse proxy and maybe updates to certificate (who knows?), At least the New-CsWebLink cmdlet for the Autodiscover service (Get-CsAutodiscoverConfiguration) introduced with CU4 would suggest so.

I would imagine the mobility server installer will probably need to be installed on each Front-End.  However this will obviously provide Mobility access to every user on an Front-End, which is probably less than ideal and I am a great believer in rolling out feature in a control manner.

Up until now there hasn’t really been to much reason to have more than one Client Version Policy doubt all the Lync Enabled users are set to automatic configuration.


Following applying CU4 within the Client Version Policy there is new MCX client defined


Therefore now if you want to Allow/Block specific users from using Lync Mobile Client by creating multiple client version policies and granting them to the users we can manage this and the rolling of using Lync Mobile to monitor load as we roll out.

No doubt the new help file will be out soon with all the detail we need.

From what I understand CU4 and Lync Mobile will be covered in the upcoming Mastering Lync Server 2010 book by Keith Hanna and Nathan Winters (ISBN-10: 1118089537; ISBN-13: 978-1118089538) due out early next year.

Amazon (UK):

Amazon (US)

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