Planning a Lync Architecture

There are several planning decisions that will affect how Microsoft Lync Server 2010 is deployed, the number of servers and server roles required within a given architecture, here is some questions to ask yourselves:

On-Premise and/or Hosted

Lync 2010 features and functionally required

Geographic Distribution and User Volumes (Where are the users and how many)

Capacity Planning (Concurrency, What are they doing, how many FE’s are needed)

High Availability

No High Availability (SE and standalones only)

Limited High Availability (Typically just FE’s and SQL maybe Edge)

Full High Availability (If it support HA, do it including SQL)

Site Resiliency

No Site Resiliency (SE only)

Limited Site Resiliency (Voice Resiliency only and manual move users)

Full Site Resiliency (Metropolitan data center resiliency)


Fully virtualized deployment (somewhat depends on scale)

Limited virtualization within the deployment

No virtualization within the deployment (however do think about collocation)

Then compare notes with the planning tool

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